Website visitors identify with a face and a voice and will listen to words rather than read text. Your website, enhanced with AI chatbot technology, will generate better quality leads and lead to a greater understanding of prospects needs. Enhance the chat dialoge with images and web links.


Chat Bot "Help" avatar built for your website. Provides HELP information regarding products, services or how to use the website, among other useful information.


Chat Box is an additional upgrade and can be used to collect contact information, product specifications and other useful information from your site visitor when paired with an avatar. 


Use your Chat Bots for:


-Lead generation - easier and more personal when it goes beyond a simple subscribe form.

-Product Specifications - encourage your customer to provide more information on customized products right from the outset.

-Identify Product Needs : Be specific about services and products supplied by your company and engage customer at a deeper level.

Chat Bot - 'Help'/Lead Generator

Chat Box

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